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Twitter Economics

Source: Shutterstock With a $1 billion valuation, Twitter is becoming, according to Co-Founder Evan Williams, an information network, a practically priceless exchange for connections, information, and the resulting activity that ensues. Indeed, Twitter appears to have evolved into a human seismograph, a lifeline interweaving...

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40 Beautiful Minimalist Websites – Part 7

Showcases of excellent minimalist web design have always been a favorite of readers of this blog, and today we're happy to publish the seventh edition in the series. Here you'll find 40 websites that avoid clutter and use minimalism effectively. If you love this style...

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The Future of Interactive Marketing

Source: Shutterstock Forrester recently released a new report tracking the future of US interactive marketing through 2014. Authored by Shar VanBoskirk, with Christine Spivey Overby, Niki Scevak, and Angie Polanco, Forrester predicts that interactive marketing is poised to grow at a 16% compound annual...

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